Curlathon’sHair Butter is a 100% natural and organic, thick conditioning cream. It helps to nourish, repair and protect hair follicles and strands! Our hair butter is perfect for obtaining moisture and can be used as the perfect leave in conditioner, which makes it a very beneficial product for your daily hair routine! Our hair butter’s main ingredient is KOKUM BUTTER, which is rich in essential fatty acids and is non-comedogenic, or in other words, it will not clog the pores and cause build up. Kokum Butter helps cell oxygenation, making nutrients more readily available for use by scalp tissues, which will aid in promoting healthy hair growth and nourishing the scalp at the same time! Our hair butter comes in two choices, chocolicious and our original! (PS: Our chocolicious hair butter MUST be kept frozen until ready to use, for longevity due to there being NO parabens, NO preservatives, or harsh chemicals.)

Hair Butter

  • - 100% Pure & Raw Kokum Butter

    - 100% Pure Jamaican Black Castor Oil

    - Organic Cocoa Powder

    - Avocado Oil

    - Various 100% Premium Essential Oils

  • Kokum butter may trigger nut allergies in severely sensitive people. We don't recommend using this product if you are susceptible to nut allergies.